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Fallen Trees

A fallen tree feels like such a waste doesn’t it? All that beauty, all that time, all those years and one storm comes through and crack!, it all comes pounding to the ground. Have you ever felt like that? 2020 kind of feels like that. All that momentum, all those well-laid plans, all that time spent and it all got shut down, pounding to the ground.

I imagine the tree feeling the pain and disappointment, “I was finally standing as tall as those other big trees around me,” “I had such beautiful full blooms. Everyone that came by noticed me and commented on how beautiful my blooms were.” Such a waste.

Did you know that trees grow back? If they’re still rooted down in the ground, they’re not dead (hmm, there’s a sermon in there somewhere). They will begin to sprout, and usually pretty quickly. We usually come through and dig out the stump and chop it up because we don’t like to see the ugly. We get uncomfortable looking at all that exposed disappointment, that reminder of unmet expectations. It really kills the vibe we’re going for in our landscaping.

I’ve been reminded so many times during this crazy year how we can’t avoid everything, and shouldn’t. Sometimes there’s no one to blame. Sometimes it’s the natural progression of things. Storms are a part of the processes in creation. Sickness and disease happen to living things because we live on a planet where where sicknesses and diseases develop. Fire and wind destroy things, yet they are a part of God’s creation. Death is a part of the process. If we are living, we will someday also die. When living things die, they make room for the new. Death and disappointment are a part of this crazy beautiful mess.

And if we give it time and if we can lean into the Father nurturing us, healing us, making things new through us, we will more fully understand His grace and His heart for us, His plans for us.

So, let’s just wait and see.

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