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Back-To-Routine Week Recap

As I talked about yesterday, I am definitely a planner and I love a good routine! This is one of those magical times of year where everything starts getting back into place. I love summer weather but always crave the organization that comes with back-to-school routines. Even in the years before my children were born, when I was no longer in school myself, I would automatically fall into that natural pace of back-to-school time. It's rejuvenating for me and when you have kids it adds that extra bit of relief. You no longer feel the pressure to allow your older kids to stay up as long as they want. There is a real excuse to get them in bed at a decent hour. I've also found, as a mom, that with routine and all the extra activities and brain usage that come with back-to-school, there's a splendid level of tired and fatigue that starts hitting all the kiddos around the 8:00 hour. No longer is it difficult to get those little bodies to lay still and eyes to close. 

As you probably know, we homeschool our kids so we take a much more year-round approach to schooling. By doing this we have less transitions, less fighting to get back into school work and as I said before, more tired brains and bodies at the end of the day. It's wonderful to be able to choose our own schedule and take our times off as we want throughout the year. Plus, with our school days we are able to accomplish way more in less time, having the fewer number of students to interact with. However, this year we ended up in an unplanned, unexpected kitchen remodel that threw everything for a loop. So, our summer was mostly lame. We love our new kitchen but we got almost no time outdoors or at the beach. Then, July hit and it rained the whole month! Literally, every single day I think. So, this year we have started our band and chorus classes on schedule. The boys have started PE this week along with everyone else but we won't start book work until October. We've decided to use as much of the free time we do have this month soaking up the last warm days of the summer. Plus, no more tourists! Ha!

So, here we are. The boys just headed off to their second PE class this week and my house is actually quiet for a moment.

Our band class morning went well, though sitting there during the class in the hallway is going to prove a challenge this year since my youngest is six months older and well on his way to being a 3 year old. We will see how that goes! Our oldest jumped right back into swim practices, which are now longer and every night of the week...I do not see how he does it! Ava went back to gymnastics this morning after a couple of weeks break. It was difficult to get her going into the "new" class after taking a break but after a long heart-to-heart with mom she bounced into her class and didn't turn back. Cole will start his art classes back once we start October. 

So, how have your first days back to school been? If you don't have kids, do you feel yourself returning to that fall nostalgia (even though it's probably still 100 degrees outside!)? I'd love to hear about your routines and your beginning of September stories! Feel free to comment below!

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