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Why I Track My Bible Reading

This year begins yet another journey for me reading through the Bible in a year. YouVersion has so many reading plans to use and keep yourself on track as you read through God's Word. My new plan for 2019 is one that orders the scripture chronologically, "As It Happened". I'm looking forward to watching God's hand on his people from this viewpoint, watching Him take them from powerful moment to moment in their journey, building the foundations of the Christian movement and His church as we know it today. The plan I used last year so beautifully connected the demonstrations of the Old Testament law with the relational New Testament teachings of Jesus. There are so many great ways to read through the story. Sometimes, though, you want to be able to also track the less organized reading you're doing. For instance, being able to track that reading you do in the wee hours of morning when God nudges you from sleep to show you a chapter in His Words to you. Without highlighting your entire Bible cover to cover, it's encouraging to be able to see where He's led you along the way.

 My middle son got a copy of The Message for Christmas this year from my mom. This particular edition of the translation is beautiful and perfect for him because he is also pursuing art as a hobby. The chapters include pages to color and Bible-journal along the way, spaces built in to creatively express what God is revealing to you. It's perfect for him and the other day we talked about shading in the numbers of the chapters as he studies them during the school year. That way, one day he might find he has actually read it all, whether he realized it or not.

It's important as a follower of Jesus to see yourself being consistent and recognize when you have reached milestones in your personal devotion to Him. That's why I think it's so helpful to have something that tracks your journey. 

I created this Bible reading "to-do list" for my personal planner a couple of years ago and I wanted to share it with you. Feel free to print it out for yourself and size it however you find most helpful. You can post it at your workspace or simply fold it up and tuck it into your Bible. However is best for you, I think you'll find it encouraging and helpful along your journey. And, who doesn't love a good free printable?!  

You can find the PDF here.

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